Meenal Sanjeev Madavi
General Manager - ICT Business,
Khimji Ramdas LLC

Yahya Salim Rashid Alazri
IT and Security Consultant, Ministry of Transport,
Communications and Information Technology (MTCIT)

Jaifar Al Mamari
Head of Cyber Security,
Vodafone Oman

Saleh Al Himali
Senior Proficient - Security Operations

Dr. Zahra Al Rawahi
Chief Executive Officer,
Artificial Intelligence Academy 

Abhishek Pratap Singh
Head of Information Security (CISO),
National Bank of Oman

Asma Habeeb 
Cyber Defense Specialist,
Petroleum Development Oman

Khaled Izmegna 
Solutions Architect,

Isabelle Meyer
Chief International Officer,
Zendata Cyber Security

Vaishal Mehta
Consulting Partner,
Inspira Enterprise

Amna Al-balushi 
Chief Information Security Officer,
Bank Nizwa

Sara Al Kindi  
Cyber Defense Head,
Petroleum Development Oman

Ahmed Al-Bahdoor 
Head of Cyber Security ,
Oman Airports

Arun George
Senior Cybersecurity Executive,

Zakariya Said Salim Al Balushi 
Information Security Consultant ,

Raya Nasr Al Abri  
IT-Data security specialist,
Bank Muscat

Marwan Mohammed Alhadidi
Cybersecurity Specialist,

Sunil Titto
Solution Sales,

Arun George

Arun George is an Enterprise Cyber Security Sales Professional with extensive experience in Solution-selling, Pre-Sales, Technology Evangelism, People Management and Enterprise Sales in cyber security technology and services industry across Middle East, Africa Mediterranean and Indian markets.

He has a consistent and proven track record of achieving sales targets; strongly customer focused, effectively meeting customer requirements and providing exceptional service by utilizing comprehensive domain and product knowledge. Strong network within the Channel community and excellent rapport established across verticals such as: Government, Defense, Utilities, Telecom etc.

His specialties include Enterprise Sales, Technology Evangelism, People Management, Extensive Pre-sales experience on both security services and products, supporting the sales team, Hands-on experience in conducting BS7799/ISO17799 assignments, Security Audits, Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing, Project Management experience - Managing both Consulting and Products' implementation projects, Security Technology Experience - SIEM, UEBA, AppSec, Data Security, IDS/IPS, Stateful/Application Firewalls, SSL VPN, IPSec VPNs, Two Factor Authentication, Single Sign-On.

Presentation Topic: Cyber-resilient Digital Transformation

Ahmed Al-Bahdoor

A seasoned Enterprise Cyber Security Leader with a comprehensive background in managing Cyber Strategy, Defensible Cyber Security Architecture & Engineering, Security Operations Center, Vulnerability Management, Threat Management including (Threat Intelligence, Threat Hunting, Threat Modeling), Incident Management, Network Security, Server & Endpoint Security, Application & Database Security, IoT/OT Security, and Cloud Security. With a keen eye on emerging trends and industry shifts, I am dedicated to driving innovation and ensuring robust security protocols are in place to mitigate risks and maintain organizational resilience. My strategic vision and deep understanding of the Cyber Security landscape enable me to lead teams in delivering cutting-edge solutions, safeguarding critical assets, and fostering a culture of Cyber Security excellence.

Khaled Izmegna

Khaled Izmegna is an accomplished cybersecurity professional with more than ten years of experience in the field of IT Security. Throughout his career, he has collaborated with various industry-leading companies, focusing on Identity and Privilege Access Management. Recently, Khaled has shifted his focus to the dynamic realm of VAPT and Security Testing. In his capacity as a solutions architect, he helps organizations in enhancing their offensive security strategies and safeguarding their systems against cyber threats. By implementing advanced measures, Khaled helps fortify their attack surface, thus minimizing the risk of cyber-attacks.

Topic for Presentation: Adapting Strategic Security Testing in Response to
Ever-Evolving Cyber Threats in the Middle East.

Isabelle Meyer

With over 17 years in the legal and security industry, Isabelle Meyer was the General Counsel of The SMI Group, an engineering company focusing in energy and oil & gas sectors. She currently hold the position of Chief International Officer at ZENDATA CYBER SECURITY. Mrs Meyer studied at the University of Toronto, the University of Sherbrooke and Cambridge University. She is married with three daughters and understands the additional challenges that women face in today’s working environment. After being part of the team starting ZENDATA CYBER SECURITY 11 years ago, Mrs Meyer discovered a new passion for cybersecurity and a capacity of improving the resilience of organisation while maintaining business objectives. In the recent years, Mrs Meyer has turned to OT security seeing it as the new playground for threat actors and a place where her experience and expertise can make a difference. ZENDATA grew at a rapid paste, being involved constantly in the media, it has it own TV show on National TV in Switzerland. ZENDATA gives the DEF CON level for critical infrastructures in Switzerland and in the GCC. Their HQ is in Geneva, but Mrs Meyer also has offices in Dubai and Bahrain and works with multinationals worldwide.

Vaishal Mehta

Vaishal Mehta is a seasoned professional with over 23 years of comprehensive experience in Risk Management, primarily across the Banking, Telecom, and IT Services sectors. His expertise encompasses a wide range of domains, including Cyber Security, Information Security, Business Continuity, Infrastructure Management, and Operational Risk Management.

Throughout his distinguished career, Vaishal has played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of risk management within the GCC region. Notably, he has been the driving force behind the establishment and growth of Cyber Security and Information Security departments in several leading banks. His strategic insights and hands-on approach have led to successful implementations and robust frameworks that fortify organizations against evolving cyber threats.

Vaishal's transformative impact extends to renowned organizations like NBO, RAKBANK, Dubai Bank, and EMAAR Properties, where he spearheaded and guided Transformation programs. His leadership in these initiatives paved the way for seamless Digital Transformation journeys, enabling businesses to achieve their objectives while safeguarding their digital landscapes.

With a passion for securing the digital realm, Vaishal has consistently delivered solutions that not only address immediate challenges but also future-proof organizations against emerging risks. His holistic understanding of risk management, coupled with an in-depth grasp of technological advancements, positions him as a sought-after expert in the field.

Beyond his impressive professional track record, Vaishal is recognized for his dedication to excellence. His proactive engagement with industry peers, participation in professional forums, and continuous pursuit of knowledge exemplify his commitment to staying at the forefront of his field.

Vaishal's multifaceted career journey reflects his commitment to enabling secure and resilient business operations in an increasingly complex digital landscape. As a forward-thinking leader, he continues to shape the realm of risk management, emphasizing the integration of security measures with overarching business strategies.

Connect with Vaishal to explore collaborative opportunities and leverage his invaluable insights in steering your organization towards fortified and sustainable success.